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Capturing The Heart of Plushyfest

Capturing The Heart of Plushyfest

Vladan Radulovic is the official event photographer for #plushyfest at Wolmer Bush Lounge this weekend. A musician himself, Vlad understands precisely how to capture the energy of a show on... Read more

Michelle Rieder | 03-10-2014 | No comments

Krank'd Up 2014 Conquers

Krank'd Up 2014 Conquers

We saw, we went and Krank’d Up Fest conquered. With the vast array of local talent on stage the festival gave a taste for everyone who attended. The festival was... Read more

Vagabond Circus | 29-09-2014 | No comments

Cool Inc – Capturing Creativity

Cool Inc – Capturing Creativity

I was filled with a sense of excitement and curiosity as I rolled up to Cool Inc., held over the weekend of September 19 – 21 at the spectacular Voortrekker... Read more

Kyle Gregorowski | 29-09-2014 | No comments


Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Shame

Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Sham…

Perhaps I should start by lamenting on my own naivety. About a month ago I received a facebook message from Racquel of Aurum Media. She “books” the bands for the... Read more

Cami Scoundrel | 30-09-2014 | No comments

Open Letter To All Concerned South Africans And Musicians From Across The Universe

Open Letter To All Concerned South Afric…

 I have been a street performer (busker and satirist/stand-up street-artist - am originally from South Africa) for the last 35 years (playing all over Europe and now, for the last... Read more

Jonathan Townsend | 21-08-2014 | No comments

Grunge. Not Dead, Just Resting.

Grunge. Not Dead, Just Resting.

It’s been debated on Facebook among former friends, tossed into conversation at live shows and discussed on forums around the world, – is grunge dead? The term ‘grunge’ was a general... Read more

Michelle Rieder | 15-05-2014 | No comments

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