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Iron Maiden - Book of Souls

iron maiden book of soulsTheatrical, intriguing. The two words that come to mind when writing this review on the Iron Maidens' new Book of Souls Album.

What can I say? They still have it.

Broken into two CD's, this album creates a melodic story book for you. With songs reaching 18 minutes in total.

The first half of the album makes me feel like I'm reading the prologue to a brilliant novel. Understanding the framework that is set up to prepare you for the first chapter to start. Slower and more melodic in it's nature, but don't get me wrong, you find yourself jumping up and down, playing air guitar.

The second CD makes me feel like I am preparing for the great battle in this novel. Sitting with my army, planning our pillage!

Don't get me wrong, you can hear the 'aging' in the band, but it honestly gives the sound more character.

As always, Iron Maiden has swept me off my feet. Truly amazing album. 

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