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Beer and Adventure at Pecanwood Oktoberfest

Voted SA's No 1 sport & lifestyle festival and KZN's biggest beer fest, Pecanwood Oktoberfest did not disappoint this year with its wi...

02-11-2016 | Arts and Culture | Kerry Witting

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Cultural Appropriate

When is appropriation appropriate?  Social justice warriors the world over have been fighting the good fight across a myriad of issues...

15-05-2016 | Editorials | Russell Miller

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Reflections of Autonomy in Artistry

One could be excused for thinking that having an open-minded, culturally driven artistic community in Pretoria is something akin only to v...

13-05-2016 | Arts and Culture | Thabiso Legodi

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HEZRON CHETTY - Origins reconsidered: Chasing answers and finding questions in I…

Recently Hezron Chetty and Girlfriend Julienne Fenwick Jumped on a plane and headed across India on a totally random, yet spontaneous h...

14-01-2016 | Editorials | Hezron Chetty and Julienne Fenwick

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Acquisition Ex-Machina

Weeks ago, indie Hard Rock and Metal label Century Media (Devin Townsend, In This Moment, Arch Enemy) had become the latest acquisition of m...

30-09-2015 | Editorials | Russell Miller

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Mumford and it's Gone: 1 minute and 22 seconds

Photo credit: Fanart.tv That is how long it took for all the tickets in the country to SELL OUT for the Mumford & Sons event. Your br...

04-09-2015 | Editorials | Caid Auliya Pontus

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The (unofficial) 2015 Oppikoppi Awards

The annual pilgrimage to Northam has been and gone, and the dusty rock city music lovers erect every August is already being longed for by t...

25-08-2015 | Editorials | Kyle Gregorowski

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Performance Punishment – Why Our Scene is Stagnant

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to throw an opinion to the ravenous wolves that make up the local music scene, but I ...

25-02-2015 | Editorials | Kyle Gregorowski

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Introducing Capital Arts Revolution

Creative spaces in the capital city that is Pretoria are few and far between, so we create them. They may be temporary, they may be perman...

05-02-2015 | Arts and Culture | Thabiso Legodi

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A Music Video's Assets

‘Sex Sells’ is one of mankind’s most well-known advertising philosophies, and nowhere else is it more relevant than in Pop...

08-11-2014 | Editorials | Russell Miller

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Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Shame

Perhaps I should start by lamenting on my own naivety. About a month ago I received a facebook message from Racquel of Aurum Media. She &ldq...

30-09-2014 | Editorials | Cami Scoundrel

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Open Letter To All Concerned South Africans And Musicians From Across The Univer…

 I have been a street performer (busker and satirist/stand-up street-artist - am originally from South Africa) for the last 35 years (p...

21-08-2014 | Arts and Culture | Jonathan Townsend

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