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Introducing Capital Arts Revolution

Introducing Capital Arts Revolution

Creative spaces in the capital city that is Pretoria are few and far between, so we create them. They may be temporary, they may be permanent, but WE create them. ... Read more

Thabiso Legodi | 05-02-2015

Smoking Dragon 2014 - The Low Down

Smoking Dragon 2014 - The Low Down

The rain poured down as if a tsunami had broken over the big top, the snippets of visual information that could be derived from brief glimpses provided courtesy of flashes... Read more

James Hammerton | 11-01-2015

Plushy Fest – debut festival – check.

Plushy Fest – debut festival – check.

When one is invited to a charity event, there’s an almost painful insecurity associated with it, which has seldom been challenged by new events of the same nature. Its tough... Read more

Mystery Ryder | 23-11-2014


Performance Punishment – Why Our Scene is Stagnant

Performance Punishment – Why Our Scene i…

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to throw an opinion to the ravenous wolves that make up the local music scene, but I have had a brooding... Read more

Kyle Gregorowski | 25-02-2015

A Music Video's Assets

A Music Video's Assets

‘Sex Sells’ is one of mankind’s most well-known advertising philosophies, and nowhere else is it more relevant than in Pop Culture and less specifically nearly everything on the Billboard charts. ... Read more

Russell Miller | 08-11-2014

Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Shame

Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Sham…

Perhaps I should start by lamenting on my own naivety. About a month ago I received a facebook message from Racquel of Aurum Media. She “books” the bands for the... Read more

Cami Scoundrel | 30-09-2014

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