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Smoking Dragon 2014 - The Low Down

Smoking Dragon 2014 - The Low Down

The rain poured down as if a tsunami had broken over the big top, the snippets of visual information that could be derived from brief glimpses provided courtesy of flashes... Read more

James Hammerton | 11-01-2015

Plushy Fest – debut festival – check.

Plushy Fest – debut festival – check.

When one is invited to a charity event, there’s an almost painful insecurity associated with it, which has seldom been challenged by new events of the same nature. Its tough... Read more

Mystery Ryder | 23-11-2014

Beloved: "Promises and Lies"

Beloved: "Promises and Lies"

Beloved Recently released their EP, "Promises and Lies", I had a listen and this is what I thought.  Beloved, a 4 piece band out of Johannesburg who are fast becoming a... Read more

Fred Egersdorfer | 23-11-2014


A Music Video's Assets

A Music Video's Assets

‘Sex Sells’ is one of mankind’s most well-known advertising philosophies, and nowhere else is it more relevant than in Pop Culture and less specifically nearly everything on the Billboard charts. ... Read more

Russell Miller | 08-11-2014

Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Shame

Get Off The Stage Raquel / Name and Sham…

Perhaps I should start by lamenting on my own naivety. About a month ago I received a facebook message from Racquel of Aurum Media. She “books” the bands for the... Read more

Cami Scoundrel | 30-09-2014

Open Letter To All Concerned South Africans And Musicians From Across The Universe

Open Letter To All Concerned South Afric…

 I have been a street performer (busker and satirist/stand-up street-artist - am originally from South Africa) for the last 35 years (playing all over Europe and now, for the last... Read more

Jonathan Townsend | 21-08-2014

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