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Schivas Rock – A Platform For SA Music, And Beyond

Schivas Rock – A Platform For SA Music, …

Schivas Rock has offered local (and a few international) bands, a platform in Pretoria to showcase their talents since September 2000. Currently operating in their 14th year, albeit a few changes... Read more

Michelle Rieder | 19-07-2014 | No comments

Faith Restored

Faith Restored

There are certain phrases that accompany most peoples’ weekends – “I’m never drinking again”; “That’s the best band I’ve ever seen”, and “That was the best night of my life”... Read more

Kyle Gregorowski | 24-06-2014 | No comments

Psych Night and Vans present Golden Animals JHB

Psych Night and Vans present Golden Anim…

As our car pulled up outside Town Hall we were trying to make the most of our car bar situation, we parked and attempted to gather together our necessary supplies... Read more

James Hammerton | 19-06-2014 | No comments

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Grunge. Not Dead, Just Resting.

Grunge. Not Dead, Just Resting.

It’s been debated on Facebook among former friends, tossed into conversation at live shows and discussed on forums around the world, – is grunge dead? The term ‘grunge’ was a general... Read more

Michelle Rieder | 15-05-2014 | No comments

What Happens In Between: The Durban Music Scene

What Happens In Between: The Durban Musi…

  Sandwiched between humidity and sugar cane fields is a minuscule music scene. This is the music scene that belongs to Durban. Durban does not have a big bustling scene nor is... Read more

Lav Nandall | 08-04-2014 | No comments

Studio, Stage, Hybrid

Studio, Stage, Hybrid

Everyone loves a great performance by his or her favorite artists; no really, it is true! Hundreds of thousands rush to Ozzfest, Warped Tour, and the like to see their... Read more

Russell Miller | 11-03-2014 | No comments

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