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About Underground Press

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Underground Press is S.A's independent online entertainment, music and news portal. Featuring the latest news and events info at your fingertips.
We cover events, reviews and interview some of your favourite bands in SA and abroad. 

After years of service to the alternative and metal scene, we at Underground Press have made the decision to take on some fresh blood and take the site in a new direction.

We are broadening our scope. We have the ambitious idea to create the ultimate South African music portal. We are opening our doors to all genres, all histories, and all opinions about the South African music scene, in order to highlight the multiple talents and diverse range of music that this country has to offer. We want to connect South African musicians and music lovers and give them a home, where they can discuss and learn the ins and outs of the industry via a range of written, visual and social media.

We are ultimately striving towards growth, cross-over and unity in the South African music industry; by providing an educational stepping stone, into the vast, complex and largely undocumented world that is South African music.

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