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About Underground Press

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We are Currently South Africa’s largest online music and event’s magazine, featuring S.A local talent, covering the latest up to date news, gig reviews, gear reviews, interviewing local bands and featuring international acts, covering the latest events in South Africa and offering related featured articles based on user's opinions and offering an educational look into the music industry.

Established in March 2003, Underground Press set about the task of informing the local community about Johannesburg-based events, which later escalated to bringing you news, reviews and interviews around the Local and International Alternative, Goth and Metal scene.

After a 3 year break, between 2010 and 2013, We, returned, heading into a newer direction, opening our doors to all genres of music, histories and opinions about the South African music industry.

Now, 4 years on. We have re-established our values and decided that it is time to move across borders. Aiming high and positioning ourselves as leaders in the fast-growing information highway that is commonly known as the internet. By doing so, we have implemented a service that caters for everyone involved in the industry.

Our motto: “MUSIC FIRST” aims at putting your music first. We target mostly new, up and coming artists and already well-established musicians that are influenced by all genres. We do not discriminate.

Our mission is simply, to get you (the artist) heard.

We are constantly on the lookout for new volunteers who are looking for a platform to contribute their writing skills and be heard. We are not shy on credit. [Visit ‘Write For Us’ for more details.]