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Shotgun Tori - Be Brave

ShotgunTori Be Brave smShotgun Tori is definitely not just a voice, or a pretty face. She is a song writer extraordinaire. Her debut album “Be Brave”, produced by Jay Bones of Fuzigish and Rambling Bones, is testament to that. Her lyrics are soulful and true, each sung with such meaning, feeling and relevance to the modern conditions of love, life and everything in between.

You can’t help relate to her stories of slipping out of an elevator, being stared up and down by the security guard on the way out. About sitting and discussing dreams of travelling the ocean, of being stuck in an office passing the time, waiting to resign.

“That song, number two, ‘Dear John’ is my probably response to this whole Max and Montle thing.” I’m sitting with Tori at Hello Sailor in Observatory discussing gender, politics and language. She points to the song track as we marvel the albums cover illustrations done by Lauren ‘Peachfish’ Schlachter.

I couldn’t agree more with her lyrics, of how boys view girls as sexual objects. Not looking for anything serious, getting drunk in clubs and pushing girls into things they know they shouldn’t be doing, and girls knowing better then to spend a night with “boys like you.”

Tori is a strong and sensible voice ringing out alone in the sea of meaningless songs that get passed off for music. Full of sneaky humour, irony and social commentary the songs speak for themselves. When complimented with a full band the songs reach a whole new level. The album “Be Brave” is beautifully produced, subtle when necessary, brash when it’s called for. It runs through a range of genres, seamlessly intertwined. From country to min tech, to Waitsy swag and folk.

The album was recorded by JP de Stefani at B-Sharp Studios and features a host of distinguished South African guests artists: Lucy Kruger, Amy Mann, Max Lehr, Leighton James Powell, William Bishop, Eric Charles Wright, James Finnemore, and Jay Bones. The combination of which has led to a beautifully polished product.

Definitely a must have. Click here to download it.




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  • Jacques B

    One of my albums of the year for sure, it was also partly (?) crowd funded so has a very strong and passionate support base from those that did :) Tori is amazing, always inspiring and always a positive in my life when I see her or just listen to her music.

    Love this piece Cami.

    Report Jacques B Thursday, 01 August 2013 10:36 Comment Link

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