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Black Market Riots – 5 years and still rocking

Black Market Riots - band photo

The Black Market Riots hail from Somerset West in the Western Cape and have been together for the last 5 years. It all started with Danie de Villiers (lead vocals & guitar) and a friend from school which got together and compiled the band as we know it today. Pierre Joubert  joined the band after an audition in the early days and he says he has never looked back. And as it goes in music industry, they shuffled between many drummers and bassists in the last 5 years. Currently Rudolph Heine is on bass and new kid on the block Fano du Plessis is on drums.

Danie de VilliersThey are a band not many people have heard of, and yet they make brilliant, original, alternative-rock music. Pierre’s signature guitar solos and Danie’s unique microphone skills are what make the band stand out from the crowd.

They will be supporting their idol’s Taxi Violence on their upcoming tour of the Western Cape and they will also be playing at their 5th year celebration birthday gig at Aandklas in Stellenbosch. Hard working day and night it always hard to keep track of the BMR boys when you not living in the Cape area.

I Skype’d Danie over a lunch hour for a quick interview about these upcoming gigs, the band’s progress over the last 5 years and what we can expect from them in the near future.

UP: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to Skype with me.

Danie: No worries, I'm having a pie.

UP: In your own words, please describe the Black Market Riots.

Danie: A hard working, no-nonsense alternative rock band. We are all about individualism and taking pride in the work we do.

UP: Yourself and Pierre Joubert have been together for 5 years now, (sounds like a marriage) Are  there any interesting stories you can share about him?

Danie: It's been a super journey and I am seriously privileged to have been in this band with him. He has an amazing talent and has a great working partnership ethic which, I really don't take for granted. Pierre has always been the nerd in the band, way too many mathematical conversations and all the other things which go along with nerds. A funny story, he had a "groupie" following him around in the earlier days, but get this...it was an elderly man! Ooooh BURN (hahahaha)

UP: I asked Pierre Joubert the same question and this was his response

Pierre Joubert:  Well the thing about Danie is that he is definitely the “band dad”. Whenever something has to be organized, or designed (yes, he does ALL our designs and web stuff), he is the man that tackles it and always does an awesome job at it! We literally chat daily and bitch and moan about everything music, it really is like being married I guess!

There isn’t a lot of dirt on him though…he really is the most creative, nutty, friendly guy I know. Most of our songs, or atleast the idea or concept of them, pours out his whacky head! The past five years have been a priviledge, and I really hope to get the boat rolling again!

UP: Your bassist Rudolph and drummer Franco are new to the band how do they feel about being part of the 5th birthday celebration of BMR?

Danie: Personally I am really happy with our outfit. We are great friends and tend to agree on most things :) but as far as being new to the group and the planning towards the 5th birthday show, they don't feel as if they are not "part" of the group. With every new member joining the party it's a fresh band all together again. We are a refreshed group with other elements and each and everyone in the group steps up to the plate with their own flair. Love it!

UP: You had quite a few band members over the years

Danie: Yup, 2 drummers and 3 bassists

UP: And every time you get to refresh the party with them but I’m sure it keeps things interesting

Danie: It does, the only thing which does get frustrating is that we have to run our entire set with the new guys coming in which sets the new song writing process a few steps back, but we are well on course this time around

UP: Your 5 year gig anniversary is coming up at the end of August and I'm sure you are looking forward to it. What can you tell the good people of the world to expect of this event

Danie: We are so excited for this show! I cannot even come up with the words. First of all we cannot believe how time flew by so fast, but we are so keen on this show. Currently we are working on an entire visual show comprising of our last 5 years, from gig photos, interviews on MK, radio interviews, music videos, recordings and more. This is just to show what we have been up to. We are going to pull off a show of about 11 songs including a cover. We don't normally do covers, but we thought it would be fitting as with our very first show 5 years ago at Aandklas we did a cover of “Plug in Baby” by Muse, so people can expect another BMRversion cover.

We are hoping to record the entire night and release it as a Live EP including video footage of the evening – HOPEFULLY.

UP: You are doing a gig soon with Taxi Violence for their new album release. I know you guys look up to them. How do you feel about this?

Danie: Yes, we are opening for them as part of their “Soul Shake” album launch tour on 3 August also at Aandklas. It's always a pleasure playing with these guys. They are a great live band to watch and a bunch of nice guys.

UP: Have you heard Taxi’s new single "Brainmash"? What are your thoughts on it?

Danie: It's such a great sound they produced. We are very keen to hear the entire new set. They are really hard grafters and always come up with a great fresh sound to each album.

UP: You released the video "The Sounds we feel".  When can we expect something new from BMR?

Danie: This is one of the hardest questions to answer as usual. We really hoped to release something at least before the end of the year, but we are currently working on another avenue (top secret) but if this does not pull through we are most definitely going to do a DIY album and get it properly master abroad. So please hold thumbs!

UP: I am!!! I love your sound, I think it is very interesting. Where can fans find more info about BMR?

Danie: Well there is  http://www.blackmarketriots.com/ - EVERYTHING is on there. Free music, all our videos, shows, our press kit, Facebook and Twitter feeds. It's really an all in one place to go.

UP: You have played at festivals like Oppikoppi and Utopia, which other festivals would you love to play at?

Danie: There are so many we would love to play at. Here’s a quick list: RAMFest, Rock the River, Rocking the Daisies, Kranked Up and OBVIOUSLY Up the Creek !!!!

UP: Nice list! What or who inspires your music?

Danie: Our inspirations are so worldly apart. But as a band we really love the sounds of Biffy Clyro, Incubus, Manchester Orchestra, Placebo, Chevelle and so the list goes on. But as far as lyrics go, Brand New would be the top band for us (and their sound).

UP: Lastly I want to thank you again for taking the time to have chat with us here at Underground Press. We hope to hear more from you in the near future!

Danie: Was fun and thank you for your support and for the love of music!


You can catch The Black Market Riots at the following gigs:

Supporting Taxi Violence Soul Shake Tour: 3 August – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

Black Market Riots with Chris Ross and The Mystics: 16 August – Ragazzi, Long Street, Cape Town

5 year birthday gig: 31 August - Aandklas, Stellenbosh

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