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Flamedrop Presents - Woman in Metal

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Join Cape Town's first ladies of Metal for a Womens' Day celebration with some serious kick!

Featuring the female-fronted bands 

  1. BEELDENSTORM (sporting a female guitarist), with MC Bryan O'Pines of Zone Radio


Saturday 10 August


Live at ROAR


(299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town)


9pm / R30 


Expect give-aways incl. WildFire Body Piercing vouchers, Sailor Jerry Rum specials and of course headbanging music!

Band merch (incl. CDs and T-shirts) will be on sale.

The TERMINATRYX performance will be part of their 10th anniversary celebration shows happening for the rest of the year, and this will also be the launch of a new band T-shirt design.

The Women In Metal show will be in conjunction with Simoné and Sylah's Twisted Asylum Dress-up B-day party!  Prizes for best dressed.

DJs at Gandalf's will include DJ Nytrox, DJ Rory, DJ Rowan + guests.

 Special thanks to: WildFire Body Piercing | Sailor Jerry Rum | Altstadt Printing | Bang Bang Cakes 

Women In Metal site | RSVP at the Facebook Event Page 

Band links: Terminatryx | Junkyard Lipstick | Cold Hand Chemistry | Beeldenstorm


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