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Band trailer gets napped at Oppikoppi

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ISO band - source ISO websitePretoria based band ISO Venter trailer were stolen from the Oppikoppi festival grounds on Saturday evening. The band wer e camping in the band/media section of the festival.

"ISO's trailer was stolen last night out of artist area at Oppikoppi. Please look out for it - would be great to get all our instruments back!! Reg: HPS848GP" Richard Brokensha (lead vocalist) personal Facebook page stated on Sunday afternoon.

It's contents included guitars, confetti machines and other music equipment which totals at R 100 000. The band performed at the Skellum stage on Saturday at the Oppikoppi festival.

The trailer registration is HPS 848 GP - anyone with any information regarding the where abouts of their trailer can contact the band via their Facebook page or their website.

All of their instruments were in there as well as their hand built confetti canons which are irreplaceable.


  • Roland Keytar (white),
  • Fender Stratocaster Guitar (Black & White),
  • all our guitar effects pedals,
  • Boss Compression,
  • Boss Blues Driver,
  • Boss Tuner,
  • Boss Distortion,
  • Line6 Delay.
  • Sennheizer Wireless in ear system,
  • Sennhiezer Wireless guitar system,
  • 3 x Shure in ears,
  • 2 Behringer mixers,
  • Bongo Bass Guitar,
  • Mark Bass amp head,
  • TC Electronics Voicelive touch.
  • 2 fire extinguishers,
  • Confetti Canons which consist of 2 cylinders,
  • Metal rods and tubes and many other parts that assemble them.
  • White Venter Trailer 
  • Franco's university notes and all our cables

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