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Gerald Clark - Follow The River

Gerald-Clark-follow-the-riverIt’s not often you find music so good that it makes you want to listen to the CD over and over again. Gerald Clark hails from Stellenbosch, and is one fantastic guitarist and songwriter. Most will know him from Delta Blues, but his solo career so far has been nothing short of colourful.  He has recorded in English, in Afrikaans, had a successful animated video for his song “Black Water”, performed many gigs, festivals and touring the country has kept him busy in recent times.  “Follow The River” is Gerald’s latest offering, and my oh my, what an album.

The opening track “Black Horses” is a beautiful setting for any wild spirit. And it’s my personal favourite but that’s just the start. Anyone can relate to his songs, no matter their age or taste in music. The beautifully talented Luna Paige joins him in “It ain’t that easy” as backing vocals. “Maybe I’m a fool” is another key track that I hope to hear blaring from radio stations everywhere and anywhere. A track reminiscent of the meaning of love, from a man to a woman, is “Marry Me”. If a man as beautiful as Gerald wrote a song like that for me, I would marry him within the hour.

I want to marry you  / I want to be the boy / that will take good care of you

How and where can you place Gerald’s music? I suppose it’s a question best answered when you see him perform live. In general Gerald’s music is an important ingredient in the South African music industry. You will find yourself listening to this album over weekends, on road trips, while you on the plane and when you are falling in love. No, it’s not a love album, although I’m sure Gerald wrote most of the songs from personal life experiences. “Follow the river” is a great introduction CD to anyone new to Gerald’s music and a great addition for Gerald’s loyal fans.

You can buy “Follow The River” directly from Gerald on his current tour “Follow The River Acoustic Launch Tour” of South Africa or order it via his Facebook page. If you stay in Stellenbosch you can buy your copy at Classix on 14A Andringa Street, Stellenbosch.

Gerald Clark Website | Facebook 
Follow the River Tour Details: Facebook Event


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