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Emalyth Presents: THE MOSH PIT

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We know how much Emalythians enjoy headbanging and mosh pits at our events, so we thought we’d throw together a full metal-moshpit-line up for you! Hosted at Wolmer bush Lounge, in Pretoria North

We would like to welcome, all the way from Botswana, one of Africa’s most popular metal bands, Wrust, for the South African album launch of their latest full length album, Intellectual Metamorphosis. 


Entry: R60               Doors open: 15:00                  Camping Welcome            Food on Sale

Fully stocked bar      ID on request at bar

Line up:
16:00 - Feast ov Laceration                 19:45 - Bleeding Spawn
16:45 - Beseech the Enemy                 20:30 - Agro
17:30 - Divine Plague                          21:30 - Facing the Gallows
18:15 - Maximum Carnage                  22:30 - Wrust 
19:00 – Boargazm                              23:30 - Death Pegasus


Reigning Red    Living Gallery Tattoo Studio     The Outsider Girls

We’ll have plenty of great band shirts, clothing, accessories, CDs and more on sale from stalls like Reigning Red and The Outsider Girls, so remember to bring a long some extra cash!

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