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Skin & Bones - South Africa

skinbones1Skin & Bones was formed in July 2012 when Ozzy and Zoe decided to start a two piece punk band, driven to deliver a sound going back to the early days of punk. At the time Ozzy had about 4 years of gigging and song writing under the belt and took on the guitar and main vocal duties while Zoe, a classically trained musician, took her place behind the drums. Ozzy secured the band a monthly event, which he dubbed The AlternativeXperience, at the local Nameless Pub and selects the bands who perform at the shows with S&B. The first event set up like this was held in August 2012 and within a short period of time the band built up a solid repertoire.

After the October 2012 event the band decided they wanted a fuller sound when performing live and recruited a guitarist which allowed Ozzy to move to bass guitar. The new line up played five AX events together and an additional two shows on invite from other bands. The extended line up did however not have the effect on the band that Ozzy and Zoe desired. Ozzy went back to guitar and tweaked his tone adding delay and compression to his regular settings, creating a fuller, harder guitar sound. At The AlternativeXperience IX in April 2013 Skin & Bones took to the stage as a two piece again and the result was a heavier, faster, more aggressive sound than S&B had delivered before. The slower songs were worked out of the set and replaced by songs true to punk culture, effectively shaping a sound the band desired since it's formation.

As a two piece Skin & Bones recorded a three track demo for promotional purposes and made it available for streaming and download on social networks.

Skin & Bones are: Ozzy – Guitar, Vocals, | Bass Zoe: Drums, Vocals

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