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Lusts For Rock Star

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Hey Aunty Bee. I've got a love problem. This girl I'm in love with has an obsession with (name withheld). It's driving me nuts. He's the singer from (band's name with held). Not only does she insist that we go to all of his shows but she makes me wait in the car when she tries to get into the after parties. I know she loves me Aunty Bee so why does she treat me like this?

Tristen from Margate


You can't help the things that love you and you can't help the things that you love and love like growth is pain. You sound like a nice safe boy. Perhaps It's time to grow some cojones and face the truth. Is this the kind of relationship that you want to be in? I know that you deserve more. Take back your life and tell her how you feel, about your love and about your pain. If she can't take the truth then it's time to sit back my Dah-ling Tristen and realise that your "girlfriend" is a whore.

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