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Today sees the official release of THOMAS KRANE’s sophomore album, entitled BONE TOWER.

“It’s a collection of left field pop songs about loving someone a bit too much.”

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The album was written over the course of the last 5 years, produced by Dirk Hugo and recorded in the last 9 months. Some of the songs, notably Small Things, and the cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, have been part of Thomas Krane’s live set since as early as 2010.

“I write to the character of Thomas Krane, as such, all the stories the songs tell are fictional, though some more than others. His story has got more complex over time. While the first album dealt with his early life (even as early as the womb), Bone Tower tells the specific story of Krane’s long obsession with a romantic interest.“

KRANE describes his previous album offering as bedroom recordings, and with BONE TOWER it is the first time he worked with an engineer and top end recording equipment; a fact which resulted in the new album’s production value being on another level.

Contributors to BONE TOWER include drummer Sheldon Yoko (Die Heuwels Fantasties), percussionist Bronwen Clacherty, guitarists Gary Jennings and Colin Von Berg (Us Kids Know), bassist Franco Schoeman (ISO), singer-songwriter Cherilyn MacNeil (Dear Reader) and spoken word artist Toast Coetzer (Buckfever Underground) - each bringing their own unique elements in their respective fields to the album.

Recurrent themes on the album included the search for completion of self in another human, and rejection. The concept of a BONE TOWER has also been a recurrent theme across a few songs on both albums representing the idea of being saved and kept safe by another person or being – living refuge.

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BONE TOWER Track Listing:

1. Predestination (Forgiven/Forgotten)
2. I’m a Devil
3. Small Things
4. Mole
5. I’m a Monkey
6. Jolene
7. Dark Corners
8. Ode to Divorce
9. I Cannot Live With You

“I’m excited to finally be releasing the new album! Those that have been following loyally have listened to these songs in their various stages of development live for a long time now – so I hope there will be a cozy, secure sense of familiarity. But they certainly will not have heard them as elaborately arranged and executed. If any of them are expecting a similar sound to the first album, I think they are going to be surprised. “

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BONE TOWER Album Launch:

Date: 18 September 2015
Venue: New Space Theatre, 22Seven Headquarters, 60 Hout Street, Cape Town
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Time: 9PM
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