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Jeremy Loops “Power” video

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Jeremy Loops - Facebook 2Jeremy Loops is a loop artist originally from Kommetjie in the Western Cape. In recent years Jeremy has gone from being a relative unknown name around Cape Town to a house hold name among festival goers and now across South Africa. He has performed at Up The Creek, Oppikoppi, Rocking The Daises and at the Kirstenbosch Summer Concert Series just to name a few. He is very humble, down to earth kind of guy and he even plants trees for a living (Green Pop).

In recent weeks Jeremy Loops song “Power” was play listed on major radio stations and Jeremy felt that his video for the song needed an update. On his first EP the song differ from the one currently on the radio stations it was fitting that he does so.

Via his Facebook page “Those of you who've been with me since day one might have noticed a sneaky little change from the version of Power you know so well to the new 'radio' version. I think we've made it better.

I present the updated/new Power music video!”

The video was shot at different locations in Cape Town, festivals, surfing adventures and well Jeremy hanging out with this crew. The song according to Jeremy “the story behind the song” on his page –

“Power was how I reminded myself that, no matter the fear, no matter the enormity of the occasion, no matter how big (or small) the crowd was, I could really do this and maybe, just maybe, somebody would like my song(s).” and that is just a small out take. The song is just amazing you will want to listen to it over and over again. It will make you smile. It will put you in the prefect mood because the message is just so clear. And the video well follow the lead and dance your own little feet moving dance right there were you are.

Catch Jeremy Loops live on his tour in the UK 26 July at The Borderline, London | Oppikoppi 08 August in Northam | 1 September at Blue Moon in Nelspruit.

The story behind the song: Facebook Photo  | Jeremy Loops Fan Page: Facebook




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