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Minority for the Masses - KZN - South Africa

Minority For The Masses is a band that hails from the Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa. Formed at about the beginning of 2011 consisting of Jon Perry (Guitar / Vocals), Jake Blackwell (Guitar / Vocals), Matthew Baxter (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Jarred Baney (Drums). There name comes from a general feeling amongst the band that there is a hell of a lot of good rock music out there that isn’t exposed to the general masses of the world. What happened to the days of taking risks and living on the edge, of going out to your local rock club regardless of who you are and where you come from, enjoying music that is the very spirit and sound board for the agony’s and ecstasy’s of life and youth. Well that is what this band is all about, trying to revive that very instinct that lies in all of us! Work hard- play hard, reap what you sow, life isn’t fair, the big wheel turns, party like a rock star and kick a little ass! Are common themes in their song writing. By taking these four individuals and combining their talents together to become a tornado of sound and energy, being released upon an unsuspecting world, I suppose only time will tell how far this storm of Rock will Rage! :).

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They have gigged with a number of great South African bands and Two Internationals!. Such as the mighty ( American) metal band AFFIANCE ! as well as Hash Tag Alice (from the U.K). Local heavyweights and other great established bands such as - Chromium / 11th-Hour / Reject Theory / Luna Atra / Black Math / Bloodline LTD / Carnage Carnival / Grind Rod Muse / Habit To / Squeal / Wonderboom / Tree63 / Haggis and Bong / The Dying Breed. At top venues and Festivals such as , LIVE -The Venue (Durban), Burn Nightclub (Durban), The Red Door (PMB), The Winston Pub (Durban), The Doors (JHB), Sundowners (JHB), Tanz Cafe (JHB), Rumours Lounge (JHB), Boston Rock Lounge (JHB) , Black Dahlia (JHB) , Zeplins nightclub (PTA) Splashy Fen Festival (KZN) , Stage Dive Punk Fest (JHB) , Armageddon Fest (JHB) , Sonic Assault Fest (JHB) .With their debut E.P "Hair Of The Dog "(recorded @ Red Room Studios in Pretoria, South Africa with Ace - Producer / Recorder / Mixer and Musician Jared Gunston). Released at the beginning of 2012, spawning crowd favorites such as - MFTM!, Hair Of The Dog! (video on You Tube), Tequila Destroyer! (video on You Tube), Useless Tool! (video on You Tube *edited by Jared Gunston @ Red Room Studios / Tone.Yard.Music ).

At Live The Venue

There had been a great anticipation for the follow up! It was recorded on the weekend of the 9/08/2013 @ Red Room Studios with Jared Gunston again at the helm. It was revealed that the new E.P title is "No Guts No Glory"  (An apt title if there was one!) With the first single "Say" , already being hailed as one of the best songs the band has come up with yet! It has been aired on Radio Stations such as Mix Fm's -Before The Witching Hour, Q4radio.com, Hard Rock Radio Live's - Requests and Metal Nation Radio's - Battle Of The Bands Song Vote .

The music video for "Say" was premiered and released, at their show at the Winston Pub in Durban on the 28/09/2013 to very positive responses!. The video has been aired on online Tv channel -AlternaTV !!! and forwarded to many other online Music Video Channels, Such as South African based MK ( the video is on You Tube!). It was Professionally Shot, Filmed and Edited by Jared Gunston @ Red Room Studios / Tone Yard Music.


The track listing for "No Guts No Glory" is as follows. 1 - You R what they call No 1. 2 - Your Way . 3 - Say. 4 - Dead End . 5 - No Guts No Glory. The songs are on Soundcloud and Reverbnation. The Tracks "No Guts No Glory" and "Dead End" have also been aired on Mix Fm's - Before The Witching Hour radio show.

The band has been featured in two online music magazines ! namely "Fanbase Music Mag" and "The Riff Music Mag" for the month of December 2013 .

2014 has been the bands most successful year so far. They were selected to be an Opening band for (American Metal band) Affiance! At Durban’s premier live venue LIVE, as well as being selected to open the Splashy Fen Festival in KZN!, there first festival appearance. Footage from this festival is used on their latest music video and single  "Dead End"  (on You Tube).

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 Photgraphs supplied by: Jake Blackwell

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