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Minority for the Masses - KZN - South Africa

Minority for the MassesMinority for the Masses is a band that hails from the Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa.

The name comes from a general feeling amongst the band that there is a hell of alot of good rock music out there that isn’t exposed to the general masses of the world.
What happened to the days of taking risks and living on the edge, of going out to your local rock club regardless of who you are and where you come from, enjoying music that is the very spirit and sound board for the agony’s and ecstasy’s of life and youth?

Well that is what this band is all about, trying to revive that very instinct that lies in all of us! Work hard, play hard, reap what you sow, life isn’t fair, the big wheel turns, party like a rock star and kick a little ass! are common themes in their song writing.

By taking these four individuals and combining their talents together to become a tornado of sound and energy, being released upon an unsuspecting world, i suppose only time will tell how far this perfect storm will rage! BRING IT ON!

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