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Long Live King Rat! Featured

To the unenlightened, drum and bass sounds as though it’s an easy style to execute. But, like most stereotyped sound styles, it’s the way in which artists manipulate these supposed…
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Getting Mad With The Moths

It’s difficult to write anything about The Moths. I suppose, if you’ve never heard them, that you need some kind of info about their sound. They’re a surf-inspired, minimal 3-piece…
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Bons met Bittereinder

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of overnight, one-hit acts. Yes, it’s awesome when someone releases a catchy song, but nowadays the performers and their…
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Al Bairre, Bare All

There isn’t enough happy, groovy music in the world. In fact, apart from “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, it seems to be extinct – or at least, it was. Al Bairre…
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Talking to TIMO ODV

Groove-laden, sexual and infectious – this is what TIMO ODV is all about. Get to know this ninja now – he’s going places! Tell us everything we need to know…
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