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ADELE - '25'

The release of '21' came 4 long years ago and brought with it a ferocious combination of musical substance and cross-cultural appeal. It was a more polished and more focused…
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Faith Restored

There are certain phrases that accompany most peoples’ weekends – “I’m never drinking again”; “That’s the best band I’ve ever seen”, and “That was the best night of my life”…
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Disturbed "Immortalized"

Warm up your neck muscles before playing this album. That album, would be the newest release from Disturbed - Immortalized. Hard riffs, double bass pedalling, and David Draiman's distorted and…
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Long Live King Rat! Featured

To the unenlightened, drum and bass sounds as though it’s an easy style to execute. But, like most stereotyped sound styles, it’s the way in which artists manipulate these supposed…
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Getting Mad With The Moths

It’s difficult to write anything about The Moths. I suppose, if you’ve never heard them, that you need some kind of info about their sound. They’re a surf-inspired, minimal 3-piece…
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