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ROXPHERE Releases Debut Single – ‘GOOD ENOUGH’

Today the 13th of May ROXPHERE, an 'energetic indie pop/rock blend with a mix of R&B twin brother duo from Pretoria', is releasing their...

13-05-2016 | Interviews | Anonymous Contributor

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Reflections of Autonomy in Artistry

One could be excused for thinking that having an open-minded, culturally driven artistic community in Pretoria is something akin only to v...

13-05-2016 | Arts and Culture | Thabiso Legodi

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Riaan Nieuwenhuis – Collaborator

In today’s mainstream hard rock landscape, you’d be hard-pressed to find music absent a strong lead vocal driving the track.&nbs...

11-05-2016 | Album Reviews | Russell Miller

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Underground Press was lucky enough to get a copy of DEITY'S MUSE'S new album titled 'Convergence', released in March 2016.  The band ha...

05-05-2016 | Album Reviews | Kerry Witting

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Alexandra May Releases Debut Single - AMAZING

The David Gresham Record Company is proud to announce the release of the debut single of teenage pop sensation ALEXANDRA MAY, entitled AMAZI...

15-04-2016 | Interviews | Contributing Writer

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DJ Melitia: Pimping The Decks

DJ Melitia has a vast range of different genres that she mixes namely: Hip Hop, electronic, jazz, blues, punk rock and rock n roll. It&rsq...

30-03-2016 | Interviews | Kerry Witting

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Karabo On Idols 2015 and beyond

Karabo’s story of eventually winning Idols 2015 is such an inspirational one. Rising up from the first comments from the judges in his...

30-03-2016 | Interviews | Kerry Witting

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Electrifying performance from THE SIGNAL ROSE

'Fire with fire' opens a powerful stage performance by alternative rock band The Signal Rose. Photograph: Jenny Calder THE SIGNAL ROSE a...

28-03-2016 | Gig Reviews | Jenny Calder

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Dan Patlansky Talks Introvertigo and Splashy Fen

Splashy Fen festival-goers are in for a treat as Dan Patlansky releases his new album Introvertigo at this festival. His excitement at this ...

25-03-2016 | Interviews | Jenny Calder

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Bobbejaan Talk Mixing it Up

Tell us about Bobbejaan. How did the idea come about and what do you guys do besides for DJ? Bobbejaan wasn’t suddenly born or create...

17-03-2016 | Interviews | James Hammerton

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Who is OH ROXY? #ThisIsMe

Why the 'Oh' in front of Roxy? 'Oh' goes perfectly with my personality. I couldn't just be Roxy. I had to be OH Roxy! Something you can sho...

11-03-2016 | Interviews | Super User

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A Meditative State of Mind With The Meditators

The Meditators performances are jam packed with energy from the start to the finish and watching them live a few times, they never disappoin...

01-03-2016 | Interviews | Kerry Witting

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