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Are you using Twitter as your social platform?

Why not use it to your advantage an promote yourself through us. - Simply contact the owner and and place the word, "Twitter" in the subject heading.

In the body, send us your full details, include yout Twitter handle and we'll load your twitter account to our lists. 

*Please note: This is only for artists, venues and those directly involved in the music industry in South Africa.

An easier way to get our Attention!

Mention us in your tweets on Twitter with our twitter handle @UndergroundPres.

Doing so will get you an automatic retweet, and the more times you mention us, lands you in a position of being loaded onto our "Buzz" lists. 

*If you are not on Twitter, exposure is limited, so we suggest jumping on right away.

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Out and about? Tell us what you are doing.

If you don't fall under these catagories and want to be a part of the buzz  in our social feeds.  

Simply mention us... @UndergroundPres or #UndergroundPress

At an event, doing something cool, or simply have a comment.

Tell us what you are doing by simply placing us in a hashtag and we'll stream you through our social feeds and if you are following us, we'll retweet you automatically. 

*Remember to mention us or Hash Tag as mentioned above. 

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