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Grunge. Not Dead, Just Resting.

Grunge. Not Dead, Just Resting.

It’s been debated on Facebook among former friends, tossed into conversation at live shows and discussed on forums around the world, – is grunge dead? The term ‘grunge’ was a general... Read more

Michelle Rieder | 15-05-2014 | Editorials

What Happens In Between: The Durban Music Scene

What Happens In Between: The Durban Musi…

  Sandwiched between humidity and sugar cane fields is a minuscule music scene. This is the music scene that belongs to Durban. Durban does not have a big bustling scene nor is... Read more

Lav Nandall | 08-04-2014 | Editorials

Studio, Stage, Hybrid

Studio, Stage, Hybrid

Everyone loves a great performance by his or her favorite artists; no really, it is true! Hundreds of thousands rush to Ozzfest, Warped Tour, and the like to see their... Read more

Russell Miller | 11-03-2014 | Editorials

Local is lekker, but keep it out of my newsfeed?

Local is lekker, but keep it out of my n…

In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a handful of local artists in the South African music scene, some published and well known, and others on the... Read more

Michelle Rieder | 21-02-2014 | Editorials

The Return of the Hotel Circuit

The Return of the Hotel Circuit

Way back when, before we were the rainbow nation, world cup wins, and H20, the South African music industry was built around hotels – just ask your parents about it.... Read more

Kyle Gregorowski | 10-01-2014 | Editorials

The American Perspective

The American Perspective

We are a proud bunch over here in the states, and we Americans love our music. The only thing we love more is a foreign take on "our" music. Globalization... Read more

Russell Miller | 02-01-2014 | Editorials

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