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TERMINATRYX 13th Anniversary 'Anthology' Release

terminatryx lucky13 anthology

The TERMINATRYX collection "Lucky 13: Anthology I" hit the digital realm worldwide, very aptly on Friday the 13th November 2015.

These 13 tracks celebrate the unique female-fronted Cape Town band’s 13th anniversary of Alternative / Rock / Metal / Gothic / Soundtrack inspired music creations, and include songs from across the band’s recordings (the self-titled debut album of 2008, "Remyx v1.0" from 2011, and "Shadow", released in 2014).  

This first Terminatryx anthology is released by Fangoria Musick (the digital audio imprint of the world's foremost name in Horror since 1979), available at a ridiculously affordable price of $2.99 (making it embarrassing to consider ripping illegal downloads!)

The acclaimed Terminatryx Horror-inspired music videos make Fangoria a perfect home for this assembly of music across the band's history.

Get “Lucky 13” exclusively at Fangoria

TERMINATRYX - "Lucky 13: Anthology I" track listing:

 1. Metropolis      *
 2. Scars    *        
 3. Midnight (The Awakening Remix)  **
 4. Up To You  ***
 5. Shadow  *
 6. SleepWalkers (iRONic Remix) **
 7. We Come In Peace  ***
 8. Virus (Axxon Remix)  **
 9. Outcast  *
 10. Gone  *
 11. Maciste Descends (Makabra Ensemble)  **
 12. Medusa  *
 13. Absinthium (Mr Sakitumi Remix)  **

*  from the 2014 album "Shadow"
**  from the 2011 album "Remyx v1.0"
***  from the 2008 album "Terminatryx"

Album cover image by Dr-Benway / make-up and hair by Cosmesis / logo and skull-moon by Paul Blom.


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