The DRUG FREE YOUTH MUSIC Project - Music with a Message

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Take a dynamic team of philanthropists and musicians who are determined to educate the nation’s youth on the life-changing dangers and long-term consequences of drug abuse and the result is the Drug Free Youth Music Project.

Driven through the power of music, this social movement campaign is aimed to change the youth’s perspective on drugs. With the use of powerful stories and messages told through rap verses and infectious house music beats, the project reaches out and speaks to the youth in a language that crosses any boundaries. The universal appeal that music exudes is hard to ignore especially when it carries such an important life-altering message and theme. The project was started by Roland Bouchat.

The aim of the project, in addition to creating general awareness, is to provide young learners with as much information as possible so that they are well-equipped to make their own decisions. This information is accessible to parents and their children through the download of the project’s accompanying hip-hop and house tracks on the Drug Free Youth Music Project website.

In partnership with the project is Robert van der Feyst, who heads up Narconon Cape Town. Through Narconon, Robert and his team have travelled around the country for more than decade, raising awareness about the effects of drugs. More than 250 000 young lives have been touched and this figure continues to grow as Robert and the team continues to educate and inform the youth on the reality of drugs. Narconon Cape town was started after Robert returned from successful rehab at Narconon Denmark in 1999. Robert not only educates young minds on all the facts about drug abuse but also tells a moving story of his personal accounts and journey in overcoming addiction.

The music was written and produced with the focus on inspiring change. The first track to be released through the Drug Free Youth Music Project is a hip-hop song titled “If I Had Known” and pours out powerful lyrics, verse after verse. The track was recorded and produced by British producer Christian 'Day G' Bankole and written by Nick 'Smooth' Semwogerere at Dayklectic Studios in London, UK.

The track is available to download from Drug Free Youth Music Project website as well as the valuable information surrounding drugs.

Keep an eye out for more music to be released in the near future by this incredible project.