A Nostalgic Day For Midnight Oil Fans

Midnight Oil - 2017 at Marks Park - Emmerentia Tarryne Rautenbach Midnight Oil - 2017 at Marks Park - Emmerentia

On Saturday, 29 July 2017 Marks Park in Emmarentia Johannesburg was the perfect day and venue for live music, getting “oiled”, spending the day with family friends of all ages to rock out to Graeme Watkins Project, Freshly Ground, Prime Circle and Midnight Oil.

I arrived just in time to see Prime Circle deliver a world class performance. Their energy is incredible, loved by everyone that hears them and make SA truly proud. They are due to release their seventh album in the next few weeks which undoubtedly will be another banger! Keep an eye out on their social media pages for more information as well as their international tour coming up.

The park was packed with die-hard-old-school rockers from early morning. Midnight Oil performed at 2 pm delivering their greatest songs on their 'Great Circle' World Tour. A nostalgic day for many, a band that built their reputation on political and environmental activism and twenty-five years since they last performed in South Africa at Ellis Park.

Midnight Oil - Photo Credit - Tarryne Rautenbach
Midnight Oil - Photo Credit - Tarryne Rautenbach
Midnight Oil - Photo Credit - Tarryne Rautenbach
Midnight Oil - Photo Credit - Tarryne Rautenbach
Midnight Oil - Photo Credit - Tarryne Rautenbach
Midnight Oil - Photo Credit - Tarryne Rautenbach

Peter Garret with his distinctive voice is not afraid to voice opinion on politics, opened with the 'The Dead Heart', bringing back the sound their 80’s album of 'Diesel and Dust', the outback, love for the land, parading the stage, the Oils have not lost their ability to perform on stage after 41 years.

'Beds are Burning' was indeed the highlight of the set. The crowd, now well oiled, fist pumping, dancing, cheering and singing along in true rock n roll style. Martin Rotsey’s trusty worn Rickenbacker guitar, one from his flock caught my camera. Clearly, one of his favourites to play that no doubt can tell many stories. 

midnight oil rickenbackermidnight oil rickenbacker

Peter Garett carried the hearts of the people, his unique rigid dance moves haven’t changed, keeping the crowd engaged for the 21 song set. The oil ran out just before 4 pm with 'Redneck' and 'Dreamworld'.

What a privilege to see them perform and capture their moment in Johannesburg. For some, it took 25 years to listen to Midnight Oil again and rekindle the good old days. Masters at their craft.

Great to see such legends rock out, if you haven’t seen them now, I don’t think you ever will.

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