Album Review: Emerger – 'Bloom'

Album Review: Emerger – 'Bloom' Album Review: Emerger – 'Bloom'

Does pop music even pop bro? EMERGER provides their answer with the recently released 'Bloom', an ambitious serving of alt-pop draped with a hyper-modern aesthetic that is nothing short of dazzling. At eight tracks in length, 'Bloom' showcases the production and song-writing talents Emma de Goede (vocals/piano) and Gerrit Matthee (producer/multi-instrumentalist) honed while studying music at the University of Cape Town.

Uniformity and familiarity is the name of the game for this collection of tracks. Take, for instance, the album opener ‘Hindsight’ and the title track ‘Bloom’. The two tracks bookend the album-proper with the former being a shimmering upbeat number and the latter being a trip-hoppy soundscape. Bother have a similar feel with refrains that will induce an involuntary head bop or two, tight hummable melodic leads, and drum patterns with just the right amount of pep.

Listen to 'Bloom' below!

To buttress the memorable point, one would be remiss in not noting vocalist Emma de Geode’s contribution on that front. The vocals soar in lock-step with each songs crescendo and pull back with appropriate emotive finesse as evidence in the epic business of lead single ‘Break & Fall’ and the more intimate ‘Prelude for You’. Emma knows where she is going melodically as her melodies dance atop perfectly complementary chord progressions.

On the first listen, Bloom may seem too cold and rigid for those who are predisposed to approach “pop music” with skepticism. That said there is enough here to loosen a few obstinate music tastes. Each track is connected sonically and does well to glue the group together for an easy listening from start to finish. It is safe to say that the EMERGER crafted each song with an incredible attention to detail with a simultaneous gentle hand as to not sacrifice musicality.

'Bloom' is available now at iTunes and all major streaming services.

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