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Retro Dizzy Swimming in Reverb.

a2310568217 2Retro Dizzy, man, this band tickles my ears. I really love this group.

They have a mixed sound. Very Led Zepplin meets The Doors, with a splash of excited thrash punk. So kind of like The White Stripes, possibly mixed with Ocean Colour Scene.
Complex really.

Interesting intro's that really draw you in, leaving you somewhat longing for more.

Do you want to know the best part? They are local. From the beaches of Cape Town.

How the band describes themselves:

 'Swimming in reverb and distortion, Retro Dizzy is a creature'.

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Band members are:

Richard Liefeldt  - Vocals and Guitar
Staurt Dods - Bass and Backing Vocals
Nicolaas Rossouw - Drums

Cymbals thrashing, heavy electric guitar, and a smooth voice that hits those grungy screaming notes. This band is something to behold.

Their new album Creatures of the Desert leaves me both heart broken and energised at the same time. There is something about this album that has a very raw feeling to it, like that of the sound that comes when playing an old LP. The 'crisp' notes and the clammer of cymbals in the background. It just feels 'real'.

Definitely a band to follow and an album to buy! 

Check out their Facebook page 'Retro Dizzy' for more updates! 

Check them out at

" target="_blank">Bandcamp here!

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