TERMINATRYX "Shadow" Review

Terminatryx ShadowIt was 2003, The Dream Collector Tour. For those of you who remember. This was the first debut live show supporting the legendary Diary of Dreams. My wife and I were lucky enough to witness the birth of Terminatryx. Today, 12 years on and Terminatryx have revolutionized the S.A local music scene by encompassing the vocal talents of Sonja Ruppersberg, giving that female vocal edge all industrial metal bands so need.

Their latest release has truly come a long way. “Shadow”, their 2nd studio album has truly done them justice, proving yet again that South Africa has real talent that is worth investing in.

The entire album keeps your body in rhythm to the beat that is truly unique to Terminatryx.
Now which South African band would be complete without at least one Afrikaans song on their album? “Masjien” keeps that tradition alive with strong vocals from Sonja, complete with powerful guitar riffs, electronic sounds and drum beats.

“Shadow” truly keeps your soul burning for more.

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