Savage Lucy - Emotionally Driven!

Since the dawn of music, there has always been a need for escape. Music is that foundation that builds your soul. It lifts your mood and lets you soar when you are sad and even when you are in a good place.

 Savage Lucy - Reverie

Sometimes you find that rare gem in music that does just that for you. Savage Lucy is one band I can add to this list. As progressive Rock artists, this local South African act sets new standards, combining, metal, jazz and blues influences into the mix. Savage lucy goes the extra mile to please everyone from a genre specific background.

I am glad to see new bands emerging where they are not afraid to take this risks. Everything seems experimental yet they went forward and forged a new dying trend back into the scene. Kudos to Savage lucy for making this bold move.

Although the album lacks lyrics, their instrumental act lets you feel your own way around this album. I for one am hooked and you should consider giving these guys a listen.

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Savage Lucy - Emotionally Driven! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote