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Minority For The Masses Rocking Durban

It always brings an extra big smile to my face when I get to review a band from sunny Durban, my hometown.

minority for the masses

The Album, is the newest release from Minority For The Masses. It features remixed and mastered songs from their previous E.P's, as well as 5 new songs thrown into the mix. Making for a pretty epic 13 track CD.

This band started in 2011, and I truly think they have come a long way. Their sound is tighter, and the guitar riffs are just insane.


The band is made up of:

Jon Perry - Guitar and Vocals
Jake Blackwell - Guitar and Vocals
Matthew Baxter - Bass and Backing
Jarred Baney - Drums
With a guest appearance by Jared Gunston.

This album has a good 'jump around in your room, with your middle fingers up' kind of feel, with epic electric guitar solo's that allow for your air-guitaring to take centre stage!

Their 'Rise Against', mixed with 'Staind', and a dash of 'Skillet' sound is quite something, and I, personally, am very keen to watch the progress of this band as they grow within their own genre.


All their videos can be found on YOUTUBE

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