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Today, 6 May 2016, sees the worldwide release of DAN PATLANSKY’s eighth studio album, entitled INTROVERTIGO.

“Introvertigo: The dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert.” - Urban Dictionary.

INTROVERTIGO was written over the course of two years - Patlansky immediately started writing this follow-up after 2014’s critically acclaimed Dear Silence Thieves (voted Best Blues Rock Album in 2014 by Blues Rock Review, USA).

INTROVERTIGO, similar to Dear Silence Thieves, is produced by Theo Crous and was recorded at Bellville Studios, Cape Town.

“Introvertigo describes a feeling I very often experience being an introvert. The concept behind the album is very much about my own insecurities. It’s about being an introvert in the music industry, my experiences in the industry and life in general. Even though the songs on the album have different topics and are not directly about being an introvert, It comes from an introvert’s point of view.”

Patlansky used his personal life experiences as inspiration for the album to ultimately marry good songs with guitar playing. Working with Theo Crous for the second time, he describes the process as more streamlined this time around, which allowed space for a more creative environment.

“Fans can expect a unique brand of Blues Rock born out of guitar playing whilst striving for strong songwriting. I am very excited and proud of this album, and honestly, feel this is my best release to date.”

Fresh off his November 2015 UK and European tour with Joe Satriani and recently nominated as one of Classic Rock magazine’s hotly tipped new artists of 2015, Dear Silence Thieves received non-stop accolades and praise. Patlansky was also voted Male Artist of the Year 2015 by Blues & Soul Magazine,  #4 of 10 Best Rock Guitarists In The World by Total Guitar Magazine in December 2015, as well as one of the Top 20 Blues Rock Artists by Blues Magazine. In February 2016, he received a nomination for Best International Solo Artist for the Planet Rock Radio ‘Rocks’ Awards.

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1. Run
A song about running away from mob mentality. The fact is, when people gather in large numbers, their IQ’s tend to drop. They say and do stupid things.

2. Poor Old John
A tongue and cheek story I dreamt up. It’s about a guy’s wife who is unfaithful with a bloke called John, and the things the husband will do to this poor gentleman when he gets his hands on him.

3. Sonnava Faith  
This song is not trying to knock Christianity at all, but rather the greedy people with some form of power within religion, that completely take the piss. Money grabbing, lying muther@#kers.

4. Loosen Up The Grip
A song about how pain and discomfort in one’s childhood, inflicted by other kids, can completely hold you back and choke you, as an adult in the real world. It’s about letting go of your insecurities.

5. Heartbeat
A song from the viewpoint of a homeless man, begging on a street corner. Trying to convince people that he is made up of the same stuff everyone else is made from.

6. Stop the Messin’
A sexy note to a woman, telling her to let loose in the bedroom.

7. Bet On Me
A song about backing myself regarding my gut feel. Taking risks that will hopefully lead to bigger success, even though people tell me it’s the wrong way to go.

8. Still Wanna Be Your Man
The story of many musicians. Trying to find the balance between life on the road and family. The fear of losing your woman because of the road.

9. Western Decay
Remembering better and simpler days in western society in years gone by, and the feeling of the world is rapidly changing for the worst.

10. Queen Puree
A song about my little daughter Sofia, and how such a small person who can’t even speak properly yet, can have such control over adults, namely her parents.

Buy INTROVERTIGO on iTunes here!

INTROVERTIGO is available for purchase on iTunes and on CD at all Dan Patlansky live shows.

Dan Patlansky is heading to the UK in May 2016 to perform as a special guest on King's nationwide UK tour.

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*All photos by Nanette Grebe.