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Dirty Moonshine Release Gigantic New Single 'Toxic Waltz'

Dirty Moonshine Release Gigantic New Single Toxic Waltz

Dripping with sweat, and smelling of booze, Dirty Moonshine is everything your mother told you to avoid.

Rumbling and thundering from the Gauteng Highveld, Dirty Moonshine sets the South African music scene ablaze with their whiskey-swilling, cigarette-toting, blues-swinging, rock ‘n roll.

The band have just released their brand new single 'Toxic Waltz' - Listen below!

Reminiscent of hot days, boozy nights, and dusty shoes, Dirty Moonshine has taken their own unique brand of rock’ n roll across the country, with a view of turning every single venue upside down.

If you like some grit in your music, and dust in your soul, follow the thud of the bass to find Dirty Moonshine on a stage near you.

Watch “Toxic Waltz” Live, below!

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