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Lifehouse and Collective Soul, who have a mutual respect for each other’s music, decided to share their performance in South Africa. Both bands had the Ticketpro Dome audience in Johannesburg hanging by a moment for sure on Friday, 2 February 2018.

Lifehouse are lyrically strong and an incredible live performance, they sound just as good as their studio albums and are totally underestimated. Jason Wade’s voice expressed his thoughts, feelings and stories through the music. They surprised the audience with Bryce Soderberg performing U2’s 'SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY' that was left field off the playlist that rocked the band into the night. Bryce’s favourite guitar is definitely his Fender, with the wood peeling off, it’s like that favourite pair of jeans you love to wear, worn right through and still rocks years later and will wear it until it splits somewhere in two.

Like any band, they started out playing as a garage band, thinking it wouldn’t go further than working at Starbucks or Subway, playing music part-time. Here they are, the humble boys next door, 18 years, about to release their 9th studio album this year. Their last album 'OUT OF THIS WASTELAND' started out as a solo project for Jason, but decide not to pursue it as a solo career, becoming the new Lifehouse album.

Rick Woolstenhulme, the drummer has the wittiest personality and is the life of the party, loves Snapchat and has a thing for frying food and may try deep fried biltong while in SA. When they are getting ready to rock, you may find Rick on Snapchat and Bryce on Facebook Live while backstage.

Their performance in SA has no doubt reached new fans. A real treat to see Lifehouse perform with Collective Soul on the same night. Favourites on the playlist included:

  • Hurricane

  • All In One

  • Half Way Gone

  • Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Nerve Damage

  • Pride

  • Whatever It Takes

  • First Time

  • Spin

  • You And Me

  • Broken

  • Hanging

  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-2
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3390
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3398
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3407
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3409
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3410
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3424
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3425
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3427
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3453
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3505
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3539
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3555
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3574
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3580
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3581
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3605
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3608
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3614
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3632
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3645
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3653
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3657
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3660
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3669
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3678
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3681


Then it was time for the big guns of the night, Collective Soul opened with 'HEAVY', absolutely mind-blowing, loud guitar in left speaker, then the right, then the drums kick in, and Ed’s relentless energy and unique voice carried the crowd for a full 90 min show performing their greatest hits and a few new ones. Best described in the lyrics to 'BETTER NOW'

"Oh I’m Happy at Christmas
All wrapped to be seen
I’m your recent acquisition
Time to celebrate me"

He was born to perform and totally rocked white shades and cowboy hat. Collective Soul also proved that you don’t need massive AV production to rip up the stage. It was a simple set up, lights, crank up that amp and smash it!

A trip down memory lane for die-hard fans that sang every lyric, drank copious amounts of alcohol, danced all night, some on a good trip of acid to enhance their experience.

South Africa has become a favourite destination for the band to tour. At the press conference, Ed described the energy of the people and culture showcases that you can be who you are, and love all types of music. Backstage they have everything in common with other musicians as human beings and very few places have this energy and spirit, the freedom to be who are you, making this country a beautiful place.

Crank it up…

Dean Roland described the distinct sound of Collective Soul, “Turn the amp on, turn it all the way up, we prefer louder distortion, put this behind what a band writes from a lyrical perspective and you have an amazing band and we put the energy and stage”.

Guitar sounds on 'WHERE RIVER FLOWS', 'GEL', 'HEAVY', kicks it in the ass!

Their set list is usually put together before they go on stage with the favourite being 'GEL', also their first song recorded in a studio. 'SHINE' performed over the years take on a new life at every show. They find moments that make it new and real all the time.

New double album in 2019

Collective Soul will be releasing their 10th studio album early in 2019 titled 'BLOOD' (Being together for so many years, they are brothers in the band, you eventually become blood).

As this album will mark double digits, it will be a double record with fine artwork and special packaging. One side will be rock, one orchestral and some acoustic experimentation, forth side maybe New Wave (which they love too) is still to be decided. Ed says no one does double albums in this day and age with streaming taking over and vinyl is definitely making a comeback.

They are influenced by some of the world’s greatest artists like, ELO, Elton John and the Beatles and will be back in the studio in April laying down new material for the 20 track album.

Out the box…

DJ Hurricane from the Beastie Boys approached Ed for a new TV show to lay some beats on 'SHINE' and 'WORLD I KNOW'. (He has never had an artist play an instrument on his set.) Ed described it as the most awesome and coolest experience as a song can go anyway it needs to. Usually an acoustic guitar, piano and then it gets loud and dirty and distorted, the first time out the realm of Collective Soul.

Advice for upcoming artists

With the way things are done nowadays with record labels and streaming, Collective Soul was already a respected brand before streaming became popular, and it does have a positive outcome. You can be driving while catching up on new music and learn something in a few minutes.

There is an opportunity to listen to music through streaming, don’t give it away, play it live, let people have it, let them listen for free at first and own your publishing.

If Ed was to put together the ultimate super group of artists with him being the lead singer, the line-up would definitely include the Young brothers (ACDC) on rhythm guitar, with Malcolm Young being on the lead, and only God knows what would come out of that would be.

You left a moment like this! Thank you for an incredible show guys!

  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-2-2
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-2
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3101
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3102
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3105
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3106
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3108
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3109
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3113
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3114
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3116
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3123
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3124
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3126
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3128
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3139
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3156
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3175
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3205
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3223
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3228
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3239
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3240
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3294
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3295
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3303
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3304
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3311

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Article and photography by Tarryne Rautenbach



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