'Bad For Me' by Roars Hunter Reaches Over 80 Thousand Views

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After the release of his brand new single, 'Bad for Me', in June 2018 ROARS HUNTER has truly set out to define a new genre that is truly lacking in the industry. HUNTER is certainly turning heads with his new single, 'Bad for Me'ROARS, a newcomer to the scene has already released 3 videos and is not planning to stop anytime soon. With a debut EP due out in March/April 2019.

The Grammies came, saw, and conquered absolutely no one’s expectations with its usual “hand wringing” approach to the music industry changing beneath its feet, its inability to be culturally or generationally relevant and, despite Mrs. Keys’ best efforts, wasn’t very filling from an entertainment standpoint. Pop music’s Super Bowl of self-congratulatory pomp is one reason acts like Britain’s ROARS HUNTER earn currency with their unique approach and honest presentation as heard in their lead single, ‘Bad for Me’. The blandness of the Grammys may have left a less than desirable aftertaste in your mouth so maybe a palate cleanser is in order.

Hailing from London, ROARS HUNTER is a singer-songwriter who made his bones busking –competitively- and winning awards along the way. HUNTER is a genre-bending artist who does not shy away from brewing up a musical mixture of low fidelity drum grooves, gritty sawtooth synths, dark melodies and a haunting aesthetic. His journeys have taken him from being a finalist in London’s biggest busking competition to recording at the acclaimed Planck Music studios where he recorded all of his tracks.

The lead single ‘Bad for Me’ has an ambitious nostalgia about it that is sure to catch the ear of those who crave sounds that are off the beaten path. If this track is any indication, his future debut EP, and trajectory as a major player in the industrial/punk-electric music realm could be a force to be reckoned with.

Watch the 'Bad For Me' video below!

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