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Late Night Fox has taken bold steps in creating a unique sound that they call Town sound. They draw their influences from YO MAMA and describe their sound as urban sound influenced by groove and beat driven music. Creativity is key when listening to their sound, they seem to know exactly how to blend it all and the outcome is nothing short of amazing. The band is made up of Dani - Vocals & Kaossilator, Ludolph - Vocals/Keys & Bass, Will - Guitar and Brendon - Drums. We caught up with them ahead of their performance at this years Mieliepop 2016.

How long is a Late Night Fox set?

We usually play 45-minute sets.

Listen to LATE NIGHT FOX while you read on!

What musicians do you mainly draw your inspiration from?

Groovy Ones

Have you ever played at a Meiliepop Festival before?

This will be our first Mieliepop, and we're damn excited! What a great line-up.

What's the best part about playing at festivals for you?

Being able to share our musical creations with different individuals and doing our part in the South African music scene.

Any chance of doing a tour around the country?

We've been working on a concept called "Town sound" which we are hoping to take on the road soon.

What do you think of garden gnomes?

Pointless, except for the hat.

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