Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid at Kirstenbosch

  • Written by Kim Atkin
  • Published in Gig Reviews

Kirstenbosch is well known for its great line up of artists and when I was invited to listen to the Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid gig, I must admit I was slightly unsure. Being a skeptical non-Afrikaans speaking British person I didn’t think it would be "my scene". Well let’s just say I was completely wrong…

fvc karen zoid kirstenbosch 17 Jan 2016 antonet visser kim aitkin

Photos by Antonet Visser

This review is about Francois van Coke, who completely changed my view on Afrikaans music and is in my opinion one of the best Afrikaans male artists and entertainer.

As soon as Francois van Coke entered the stage, I thought…”Ok, let’s see what this guy has to offer” and he wasn’t going to disappoint!

fvc karen zoid kirstenbosch 17 Jan 2016 antonet visser kim aitkin1Even though I couldn’t always understand what he was saying (purely based on my lack of Afrikaans) I could still feel and hear every word of desperation, every honest & raw moment that he must have experienced when he wrote the lyrics and music. He was taking us all on a journey through HIS personal experience and I was more than happy to be his passenger…

I knew this man standing in front of me was a true showman. The audience captivated by every microphone swing (his trademark it seemed), head bang, shear passion with every word he sang, but what mostly caught my attention was his sincere gratitude and politeness. This guy had no personal agenda or ego, he wanted to give you the best show possible.

The collaboration between Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid seemed to be the highlight among the audience and I could see why. They both looked like they had been best of friends for years and it truly showed in the couple of duets they did together.

I must say, it takes something or someone very special to capture my attention for a long period of time without there being any lulls of boredom or moments of mediocrity, but this guy nailed it on the head and I could have carried on watching him all night long!

As soon as I got home, the day was not even over and I was already searching for his next live show date.

I look forward to seeing more of what this man has to offer in the future!

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