Interview with Manfred Klose from Stone Jets Interview with Manfred Klose from Stone Jets

Interview with Given Nkanyane from Stone Jets

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As Stone Jets gear up for the Off the Grid Music Festival at Camphill Village Westcoast this coming Saturday 17 March. Underground Press and LK Mediabook were lucky to catch up with Given Nkanyane to find out what makes them tick and what their plans are for 2018.

Off the Grid Music Festival is an outdoor summer event set on a beautiful organic farm. Expect a fun-filled family day with great music and amazing people.  

"Camphill Village WC is home to intellectually disabled people who live and work on the farm. They also enjoy the bands along with the festivalgoers, a very special event" ~ Given Nkanyane

How many hours a week do you spend on band practice, band matters and gigs?
When it comes to rehearsal we work as hard as we can, about 3 rehearsals a week and an average of 3 gigs a week. We are fulltime musicians dedicated to one band; Stone Jets. So every day and meet up is band time, unless when we are sleeping, even then we have a dream conference call. 

What do you do in your free time?
Read books and experience some of Cape Town’s mountains and hiking trails.

Do any of the band members have special talents apart from music that we don’t know of?  
Manfred is a luthier, I can cook and Eduan is an animal whisperer(mainly dogs and cats).

What is the best advice you can give anyone about LIFE?
The power of now towers over Tomorrow and Yesterday.

What is the best advice you can give anyone about: LOVE?
Leave people in a better state than what you found them.

What is the best advice you can give anyone about: BEING IN A BAND? 
Just like notes making up a chord, everyone plays a part in making the muse in music come alive.

What is your favourite movie quote?  
“No Timmy, make it go Timmy(Under the sun)”.

Describe your perfect holiday? 
Anywhere in Africa where I am reintroduced to cultures and the African way of life.

What are the band`s plans for 2018? 
Music, Music Videos and a lot of live performances.

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