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Hezron Chetty Releases Debut Music Video 'Chasing Kings'

'Chasing Kings' is the debut music video for violinist Hezron Chetty. The universal themes of power dynamics, love and freedom are presented through a beautiful depiction of an artist pushing back against his subjugation. Directed by Alfonzo Franke (Muti Films) and captured through the lens of Imraan Christian, this short film ultimately showcases the beautiful collision of three like-minded creatives.

Listen to "Chasing Kings" (Official)

The emphasis on collaboration for this project was strong. Chetty was clear about the type of aesthetic he wanted, Franke developed a powerful and engaging narrative that was encapsulated expertly by Christian.

As filmmakers, Franke and Christian have a clear mandate about the type of platforms they want to give life to. The decolonial element to their collaboration is obvious and Chetty’s stance on the nature of how he wants his work to be consumed, resonated with the production team.

The concept came about through an intimate conversation between the director and artist. Franke said, “I tried to stay true to the elements of his identity. Chasing Kings is my understanding of what his story is. The characters in the narrative represent significant moments in Hezron’s life. It is the visual manifestation of his ascension.”

Hezron’s debut album 'The Fallacy Of Composition' is available for download on all major online stores.
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