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SUZANNE: New Album and Music Video Out Now

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Photo by: Jana Heyns

'Vuurbestand' is now available in stores and on iTunes

Extraordinary Afrikaans singer, SUZANNE has been enthralling her audiences since 1997, when she entered the music arena at the young age of ten. 18 years and six albums later, Suzanne returns with her latest album, Vuurbestand. This album is available in stores and on iTunes now.

'Vuurbestand' has a fresh sound and Suzanne shimmers with her captivating and exceptional voice. The lovely singer also reveals a deeper and more personal side of herself through this album.

With this new album, Suzanne proves that she is ready to take her rightful place among other top South African artists.

Suzanne kicks off her new album with the release of 'Belofte.' 

Watch the music video below: 

Vuurbestand tracklist and descriptions by Suzanne:

Vuurbestand has massive potential to becoming a hit sensation.  The album has been something that Suzanne really enjoyed to co-write with her husband, Jacobus Uys.  Fred den Hartog from Die Heuwels Fantasties produced Vuurbestand which was recorded at Tommy Tucker. Dane Taylor mixed the album with mastering done by TL Mastering.


- Vuurbestand is now available on iTunes –

“Even though this album has a very fresh and modern sound, I also really like the various 90’s elements that are present on this album.”  Suzanne

  1. Belofte (Promise): 'Belofte' describes my relationship with my husband, Jacobus on the day we decided to promise our lives and love to each other. The track is a modern version of a classical idea and done just the way I wanted it.
  2. Die lied in my hart (Song in my heart): I really wanted to sing about the simpler things in life which make me the happiest. Fred made sure that the unpretentious, raw sound fits with the honesty in the lyrics of this track.
  3. Vergewe my (Forgive me):  Regardless of whether it is because of something big or small, relationships go through testing times every now and again. When my husband and I have an argument now, the one at fault simply starts singing: 'Verge-he-he-hewe my' and we break out in laughter and all is forgiven.
  4. Liefde is alles (Love is everything): It is very difficult to choose, but this song is certainly one of my favourites on the album. Fred’s production on the positive message in this song gives me goose bumps each time I listen to it.
  5. Dieselfde (The Same): This was the first attempt by me and Jacobus in co-writing. It is still one of the most moving and honest work that I have ever been involved in.
  6. Somerson (Summer sun): I love summer. When the winter months start seeming endless, I simply close my eyes and see everything I sing about in this song. I really enjoy the beautiful sound that came out in this production.
  7. Herinner (Remembrance): One of our close friends tragically died in 2011, in a car accident just two days before Christmas. His wife who was four months pregnant, and in the car with him, miraculously survived. It taught us that we never know when the last time might be that we get to see each other Roulen van der Hoven: We will always remember you. This one’s for you.
  8. My verhaal (My story): We all get ruffled up and shaped by life experiences and 'My verhaal' is definitely the theme song for my life in all its totality. It was a privilege for me to write this song in my mother tongue.
  9. Jy’s my Held (You’re my hero): I wrote this for my mother when my grandmother passed away. Just like her, the song is very complex and yet so simple. I feel safe when listening to it and I hope the listeners get the same feeling.
  10. Vuurbestand (Fireproof): We wrote ‘Vuurbestand’ during a challenging time in our lives while dealing with the less attractive side of the industry. Jacobus and I decided that we would not let anything get us down because we believe in each other and our music. Together we prevailed, because we are ‘Vuurbestand’!

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