The Lowdown on Krank'd Up 2016

peripheri 2016 krankdup 

International bands Periphery and Norma Jean were headliners for this year's Krank'd Up festival held at Sundowners in Alberton on the 24th of September. Leading up to the night's final two acts were some of South Africa's best hard rock, punk rock, alternative, post-hardcore and metal bands joining from around South Africa.

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Crossfire Collision, from the Mama City, opened up the main stage with tracks off their album 'Panic face' as well as their latest EP 'Have Hart', a tribute to late band member and friend, Craig Hart. Set For The Sky, also hailing from Cape Town brought new meaning to the term 'rock out' and made use of the entire inside stage area, including hanging from the rafters.

Adorned In Ash demonstrated monstrous ferocity with their female lead Robyn Ferguson bringing every aspect of the death metal genre to life. Major respect to her for mastering 'The Zen of Screaming' by Melissa Cross - phenomenal power coming from those chords and lungs.

The South Shore Ramblers kept the melody going with their Celtic/pop punk influences also on the inside stage where it could clearly be seen that bassist Kieron Patton (also a member of the punk-rock band Slippery When Wet) was absolutely loving Krank'd 2016.

Newtown Knife Gang, The Slashdogs and Facing The Gallows got the crowd riled up and ready for Norma Jean on the main stage with their catchy lyrics and sheer love for music reflected throughout their vocals. Sheer brilliance.

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Other performances included Thundermerwe (opening the inside stage) Boargazm, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Truth And Its Burden, Cadillac Sun, Climate Control, Juggernaut, Poverty Of Ideals, Art Snake, Riddlebreak, Man As Machine, Hope Is For Heroes, Set For The Sky and Only Forever

By 8:30pm the crowd was well-fed and watered thanks to sponsors including Coca-Cola and Jagermeister as well as both the Sundowners venue and outside vendors selling food, drink and band merchandise. Norma Jean, who have been going since 1997, - though to date having no original band members left -  blew the crowd away with Cory Putman on lead vocals (since 2004/5)

And then it was time...Periphery founding member Misha Mansoor saw to it that they gave a rocking taste with some tracks off their new album 'Periphery III' and a dynamic range of vocals from Spencer Sotello. 

All bands boasted sheer Awesomeness with their performances and if Krank'd 2017 is anything to go by from this year's line-up, well, we cannot wait to see what's in store.


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