A Good Vibe Project: Peach van Pletzen & Matthieu (Makkie) Auriacombe

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A Good Vibe Project by Peach van Pletzen & Matthieu (Makkie) Auriacombe

Introducing Van Pletzen photo by PJ Kotze

VAN PLETZEN: Matthieu (Makkie) Auriacombe & Peach van Pletzen

Photo by: PJ Kotze

VAN PLETZEN is a super fun new Afrikaans project by Peach van Pletzen (Bittereinder / Yesterday’s Pupil) and Matthieu Auriacombe (Hello Beautiful / Beach Party).

In these times of turmoil, Van Pletzen’s mission is to make the world a better place by spreading their lekker vibe and by showing you a really, really good time. They don’t take themselves too seriously and believe that neither should you.

Introducing Van Pletzen: The Van Pletzen project was conceived how all the best things usually are – over a few cold beers.

“Makkie, my partner in this project, and I decided over a few beers to make ourselves a feel good vibe. I love humour and this project gives me the outlet to use humour with cool music.  We are very proud of the outcome,” says Peach van Pletzen.

Van Pletzen gets their party started with the release of their first single, Eiland Styl (Island Style).

See how exactly how kak-lekker Van Pletzen is – watch Eiland Styl

* Eiland Styl was filmed by PJ Kotze from Bonanza Films. 

Catch Van Pletzen at Oppikoppi

As you can see, it’s a vibe so great that Oppikoppi booked them for this year’s festival without Van Pletzen ever having played a live show and before they even released this music video.

Get Eiland Styl on iTunes & Apple Music.

van pletzen eilandstyl

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