Watch: Irinami Raises The Bar With Her New Music Video ‘Lovesick’

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Irinami, a self-taught songwriter and producer, released her debut single ‘Hold Tight’ last year. It was incredibly well received and it made the #1 spot on the 5FM SA Top 30, as well as charting on over 24 national radio stations. 

Her follow-up single ‘Lovesick’ stands testament to the fact that she’s anything but a one-hit wonder. Exploring a fresh sound with hard-hitting melodies and hair-raising vocal gymnastics, Irinami has created a song that bravely tackles the hurt and confusion surrounding a bad break up. Teaming up with friend and talented producer Raiven Hansmann, this new single was bound to be stellar.

Watch the official ‘Lovesick’ Video Below!

A soulful electro-pop ballad that strikes home

Every song of hers is deeply personal and has a theme. The beat in ‘Lovesick’ reminds you of a fluttering heartbeat. A sample used in the beginning was taken from a home video of her as a child, wading around in her backyard swimming pool. She adds a vulnerability and nostalgia to her music, unbeknown to the listener. It’s like you’re reminded of a lost love, or you’re pining for a new one. She tastefully addresses difficult subjects with care, no matter how hurtful the memory is. Her love of electronic music and 80s pop shines through in ‘Lovesick’. Drawing inspiration from legendary Jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald and 90s Neo-Soul queen Erykah Badu, Irinami is a force to be reckoned with.

Irinami’s work ethic knocks most pop singers’ out the park. She is deeply involved in every stage of the production process. From concepts, production, song writing and arrangement, through to creative execution.

Turning pain into pleasure

Says Irinami: “Lovesick isn’t about feeling butterflies in your stomach. It’s a sickness I experienced after my break-up with a long-term boyfriend. It’s an internal affliction with feelings of rejection, confusion and unrequited love. It makes you feel sick to your stomach, quite literally. Writing is therapy for me. I never bottle it up. When I’m hurting, I mean really hurting, that’s when I feel most alive. I can feel every heartbeat, every ache, and every burning tear. So I turn my pain into pleasure and make it art. The hurt eventually subsides, and the dark residue turns into a comforting acceptance. I can say that I’ve dealt with my problems and had the courage to share my story with others. It’s a gift and I want to use it sincerely.” 

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A black and white masterpiece

The spellbinding music video for ‘Lovesick’ was filmed on a farm in Durbanville Hills. The arid environment perfectly communicates the trials and tribulations of a once-perfect relationship that went downhill. Irinami is a superb storyteller, so she took on the role of creative director in this gleaming work of art. She teamed up with talented cinematographers Chulu Ratsibe and Karabo Likhethe from Giant Films, who are otherwise known as ‘Creative Warfare’
‘Lovesick’ will be available on all major streaming platforms from the 20th of July.

Also by Irinami is a collaboration with local EDM producer Hendrik Joerges, called ‘You Don’t Get Me’. You can have a listen below!

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