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LOKI ROTHMAN Presents: 'Under the Stars' Music Video

LOKI ROTHMAN sent two brilliant releases into the world in 2015 exhibiting his amazing diversity as a musician. His debut album, The Way Back, is a pop album with elements of acoustic, rock and electronic and displays Loki’s singer-songwriter side. His guitar instrumental DVD, Syndactyly, released last week, showcases this maestro’s unbelievable guitar skills.

loki underthestars cover

The 5th single from his singer-songwriter debut album, The Way Back, is out now. 

Watch the music video for Under the Stars below!

The video was shot just after the big fires in Cape Town round the Noordhoek and Kommetjie area.  The story is set against a fighting relationship of a damaged crazy beautiful couple. The idea that love never dies. The idea of not being able to give up on love, pain, and tenacity.

Loki says that the song has come a long way. It started out as an idea for a music score. “The first verse has been sitting in my idea box for about 3 years and was funnily enough inspired by the visuals of the movie Life of Pi." 

"Under the stars I sit and wait for you to shine some light. Would you ever find your way back? Would you come home tonight?"

“The song is about seeing a relationship go to waste after you've done everything you can to save it,” says Loki.

"Are you giving up on me now?. Watching as it all comes down. Watching as my flare burns out. There’s no one here to save us now."

The idea of hope that things will work out also plays a role.

"Some folks say just forget it. Some folks say just wait. Maybe you’re still out there. Maybe it's not too late."


Directed, Shot and Edited by: Tim Drabandt and Fanon Kabwe
Starring Michelle Allen and Raven Swart
Music and Lyrics written by Loki Rothman
Produced by Justin de Nobrega and Loki Rothman

Listen to Under the Stars on SoundCloud 

Get iTunes Under the Stars on iTunes


Under the stars I sit and wait
For you to shine some light
Would you ever find your way back
Would you come home tonight

Some folks say just forget it
Some folks say just wait
Maybe your still out there
Maybe it’s not too late

Are you giving up on me now
Watching as it all comes down
Watching as my flare burns out
There’s no one here to save us now

There’s nothing left to burn here
Can you still see my light
I know your still somewhere out there
Just searching for a sign

Upcoming shows – The Harley Davidson Fearless Tour with Jack Parow:

Loki and Jack Parow have joined forces with Harley-Davidson Africa to funds for Breast Cancer. Tickets for the Fearless Tour are available at Webtickets.

Loki will do a solo performance with Hiram Koopman before he joins Jack Parow. The show will be inside the dealerships.

16 Sept - Cape Town, Willowbridge 
17 Sept - Kwazulu Natal, Durban
24 Sept - Gauteng, Zambezi

Loki’s CD and DVD are available at his shows.


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