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This past weekend a brand new single from MICHAEL LOWMAN premiered on Rob Vember’s Coke Top 40 SA Show on 947 and KFM, entitled FIGHT.

FIGHT was written a few months ago and MICHAEL immediately knew he had found something incredibly special. He produced and recorded the song himself and knew it had to have a piano as the focal point instead of a guitar, something unfamiliar to his previous work. The result: A beautiful melody filled with brutal honesty and a much more mature sound from MICHAEL LOWMAN.

"A few months ago I wrote a song that felt bigger than the moment, bigger than a beautiful melody and a heartfelt lyric. I felt it the second I realised that this was the song I had been trying to write from the very beginning. The song about 10 year old me losing his dad."

"I’ve written this song many times over, though it never felt right. It was either too sad or too… numbing. For whatever reason I could never quite get the emotions right. Maybe it was because I’ve never completely come to terms with losing him. I don’t think I ever will, but I think I’ve finally found a way to put my feelings in a melody I believe in. In a melody I can look back on and always find peace."

"FIGHT is that melody. FIGHT is the song I’ve been trying to finish for all these years. FIGHT is the piece of my heart that I’m sharing with all of you, in the hope that you’ll get to know me a little better… the real me." 

"I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’m freaking out!

I cannot wait to share #FIGHT with you.

The Official Cover Artwork that I designed for FIGHT, is a pic of my dad when he was around my age. This is my most cherished photograph and I can’t imagine sharing this song without also sharing this image of him with you.

Thank you for being there. It means everything to me.


Buy FIGHT on iTunes here!

“FIGHT is pain in motion. She starts off delicate and gentle in the way she introduces herself, all the while building toward a final triumphant resolve. By the end I’d hope to have taken the listener through the last decade of my pain, dragging them out the other side with me. In some way, this is my success story.”

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