Mumford and it's Gone: 1 minute and 22 seconds

  • Written by Caid Auliya Pontus
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That is how long it took for all the tickets in the country to SELL OUT for the Mumford & Sons event.
Your brain can fathom how long 1 minute and 22 seconds is, but can you wrap your brain around the idea that the prices where originally R499 (unreserved), and they are being sold on other sites for R1900 (unreserved)?

Now, I myself am a solopreneur, and I understand what it means to 'capitalise on a situation'. This, however, is just ludicrous.
The general public cannot afford these prices, especially not the R4202 one that is advertising for tickets in Durban. 

So, before you go and give your credit card details in order to pay for these crazy tickets, here are some of the facts I have gathered when speaking to the local partners working with Hilltop LIVE on this event;
The 5000 tickets that where allocated to Durban were SOLD OUT. This includes Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Computicket, through all their various outlets, where the only valid seller of these tickets. The tickets selling online for anything other than the R499 ones, are 3rd party and can not be guaranteed has valid, and the event coordinators do not encourage anyone to buy them.

For those of you who where unable to grab yourself a ticket, it has been confirmed that there will be a release of an additional number of tickets early next week, so get your refresh button ready!

There is also a discussion of a second show in Durban. So there is hope for some of you!

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