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Photo by Mia Truter Photography

Cape Town is famous, among other things, for its mountain, hipsters and the ever vibey Long Street where you can easily stumble into strange and unexpected situations and places. What many may still need to discover about Cape Town is the wide variety of underground talent that some locals also only stumble on perchance most of time. One such underrated act that’s shaping the local synth pop movement, is a bilingual duo called MYMYMY, who is hands-down the most popular - and most probably the only - outfit to create this unique blend of emotive electronic sounds in South Africa. Today, they are proudly releasing their new music video ‘Strange Place’ which made its exclusive premiere on Texx and the City.

Watch ‘Strange Place’ below!

“The music that Jana Oosthuizen (vox) and Conrad van Breda (keys) make attempts to go further than simply selecting good samples, layering and mixing – their aim is to stir something in you. Just like the protagonist (played by Dino Ma Makoni) in their new music video for ‘Strange Place’, their music is made for skipping down deserted cul-de-sacs or swaying beneath the warm-coloured neon lights of the club.” - Tecla Ciolfi from Texx and the City.


The music video was artfully directed and produced by Pieter Seyffert.

‘Strange Place’ features some punching synth vibes that will get your early 90's pop alter ego on the dance floor time and again. Besides the fact that they appeal to a very niche segment in the underground music scene, they have been able to transport both their Afrikaans and English fans to strange places with Conrad’s catchy compositions and Jana's super sultry voice.

sp behind the scenes1sp behind the scenes2

STRANGE PLACE music video behind the scenes - filmed/directed by Pieter Seyffert

'STRANGE PLACE' is a call out to join that space where creativity blossoms - were being challenged is a door to future opportunities - where happiness is a choice - because we all need a release now and then - to sometimes save ourselves from ourselves,” says Conrad

The thing about electronic music is that it can be made to feel quite impersonal, but that’s certainly not the case with electronic power duo MYMYMY. Perhaps it’s their combination of clever lyrics and organic sounding vocals. It goes beyond selecting good samples, layering, mixing and all that when an electronic act is able to stir something in you.

MYMYMY is an electronic music concept that is sure to change preconceived ideas of the genre in both the English and Afrikaans market in South Africa. As this synth pop duo puts it, “Someone fiddles with knobs and keys. Someone's lips parts seductively. Amazing sounds follow.”

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