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One Night To Sound Sensible

SS 2

The kids want techno! I’m no Techno junkie but when I heard this duos music, all these memories of 3 o clock in the morning, dancing on a dodgy, dark dance-floor came flooding back. Wow, didn’t realise I missed them! Sound Sensible is made up of two brothers who are originally from the 031.  Their sets are versatile and interesting, switching through different genres of music while still keeping to their Techno roots. They have played at most big festivals including, Rocking The Daisies and Oppi Koppi and now will feature at Meiliepop 2016. We had a chat with them about their influences and what to expect at Meiliepop 2016.

What made you fall in love with Techno?

CRAIG: I don’t think there has been a specific moment that made me fall in love with techno, one musical moment that changed the way I hear music was seeing The Prodigy perform live in 1999. This really changed the way my perception of music.

GRANT: A trip to Berlin in 2007

Listen to Sound Sensible here!

What is your favourite genre to mix with?

Genre to us is defined by the listener, mixing good underground music is what we love most.

Who are your main musical influences?

We draw inspiration and influences through everyday life, not through specific people, DJ's or producers.

What’s your preferred playing piece in monopoly?

CRAIG: The one that passes go the most

GRANT: I have no interest in power or money hungry board games.

Have you played at a Meiliepop Festival before?

No this will be our first one, we are really excited as we have had our eye on this festival for a few years and always hear good things about it.

Which do you prefer, clubs or festivals?

CRAIG: They are both completely different and special in their own way, personally performing on any stage is special for me.  

GRANT: It's impossible for me to choose. Club nights for the full out party, get in, get fucked up, get out. Festivals for the full experience or exploring and adventure. 

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