RODRIGUEZ Live at Durban ICC

Durban ICC has been host to many a great artist. When UNDERGROUND PRESS was invited to cover RODRIGUEZ live at the ICC, the excitement levels just went through the roof.  I have been an avid RODRIGUEZ fan for most of my life and the thought of seeing him live sent shockwaves through my heart.

rodriguez hat jan 2016 dur

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

Arriving at the Durban leg of the 'Rodriguez South African Tour', as expected with a total sell out concert, there were people arriving in the masses. The event was organized by Big Concerts and held at the Durban ICC.

The arena was fully seated, catering for all age groups and not surprisingly there were an array of ages in attendance, most of us kids here in Durbs grew up listening to our parents records of the “Sugar Man” so seeing him in concert, for me anyway, was definitely a once in a lifetime occurrence.

The supporting act was a young singer/songwriter of 21, named ALICE PHOEBE LOU. Originally from Cape Town, Alice spends eight months of the year playing on the streets of Berlin or otherwise known as busking, and the other four months in her hometown of Kommetjie.  She has a very distinct style of folk, armed just with her guitar, her voice and sound definitely struck me as something I would like to listen to at home. My favorite song from her for the evening is called ‘Grey’. Love the opening line.

alice phoebe lou rodriguez jan 2016

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

RODRIGUEZ came on stage at 9:00 PM sharp, no keeping the loyal fans waiting here. Sixto Rodriguez was helped on stage and immediately you could see how age has become him. As soon as he reached the mic he was greeted by a standing ovation from the crowd, which made this legend smile from ear to ear. He had an assortment of hats with him and started off the first song ‘Your Song’ by Elton John with his beanie.

His performance was obviously not as lively as before, however, given his age, it’s amazing he is still getting up on stage and performing at all. He changed hats with each song, and drove the crowd wild when he put on a stellar white hat, he laughed. “Come on guys I am just putting on a hat”. He to had with him, in tow, his signature top hat. Which he clearly saved for last.

rodriguez white hat jan 2016 dur

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

Another thing which stood out to me was, before he started playing each song, he turns around and strums and feels his way into the chords of the song before breaking into the rhythm. Each artist has their thing they do…I simply loved it.

RODRIGUEZ played three covers before starting his originals, his performance was met with mixed feelings and allegedly the sound at the back was not so great. Overall just being in the presence of such a great legend and having him perform for us, for me was definitely a highlight of my life!

Thank you Big Concerts for bringing us the Sugar Man!

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

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