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For June 2017, SHORTSTRAW presents their 10th offering from 'THOSE MEDDLING KIDS' Collection, 'JETLAG.'


The idea for the song came about when Alastair experienced a bad case of jet lag on tour in Japan last year. For 6 days he would lie awake all night and only started dozing off when everyone else started waking up and getting ready for the day. He also often gets told that he looks tired in daily life, something he can’t do anything about. So during these nights of insomnia, he thought about how people will tell him how tired he looks the next day and decided he wanted a T-shirt that said ‘Yes, I know I fucking look tired’. This transpired into a song which he wrote a bunch of lines for while everyone around him was sleeping.

“I eventually got some sleep and became less grumpy about the whole thing and the song became more about how you have to communicate with your significant other via LCD screen whilst on tour than not getting any sleep, but the theme is still there.” says Alastair.

The band decided to spell the song’s name in capital letters because when you can’t sleep it feels as if everything is in Caps Lock; the world is screaming at you and you’re screaming back at it.

'JETLAG' features the signature sing-a-long melodies and energy SHORTSTRAW is known for, and the video for the song was directed by Nas Hoosen. Nas came up with the idea for the video and it features a guy finding a pair of sunglasses that when you put them on, you see an otherwise monochrome world in full colour. The band thought the idea ties in nicely with the concept of jet lag, because when you’re jet lagged, the world does seem pretty black and white.


WALNUT - Designer

On the band’s last trip to Japan, they met an artist known only to them as WALNUT. She is a super talented illustrator who designed their tour poster for the tour they were on with Desmond & The Tutus. They met her one of the nights of the tour, and through their translator friend was able to convey the idea of TMK to her and how they wanted to help advertise her work.

Months later, they were finally able to match her with a song. They are always curious to see how artists interpret their songs, especially if it is one that will take to Google Translate to try to understand.

Buy JETLAG here on iTunes!

Also one of the TMK squad, is NICK HAMMAN, a longtime friend and supporter of SHORTSTRAW. Nick is the host of a morning show on 5FM, one of South Africa’s biggest commercial radio stations. He has very kindly given SHORTSTRAW some needle time on the first Friday of every month to debut and talk about each single as they are released. As their media partner and good chommie who supports local music, he undoubtedly deserves to be a Meddling Kid.

Listen to the latest SHORTSTRAW single from the TMK Collective every first Friday of every month at 8h20AM on Nick Hamman’s show on 5FM.

SHORTSTRAW is also proud to have all their music equipment provided and endorsed by TOMS. With branches around South Africa, these guys run a great ship and help out with all SHORTSTRAWs instrument needs.

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