Talking to “Thomas Krane”

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Photo Credit: Alistair Christie

When was the last time you heard something that made you pause and listen? Something unique, insightful and fresh. And when was the last time this moment of introspection was sparked by a local artist?

“Thomas Krane” is just this type of artist, or rather, experience. Hauntingly beautiful and saturated with profound expression, listening to Bone Tower is a lot like having a conversation with a friend who serves as teacher, parent and poet.

We chatted to the mastermind behind this special piece of work.

Listen while you read!

How many one-man band jokes have you heard?

Um… none. Are there some funny ones? You could tell me my first if you want…

You collaborated with some serious talent for the album, how was that?

It was awesome! And really easy for the most part – they are all at the top of their games. I didn’t really direct any of their input and most of it was done remotely. I mailed a track to them, told them where the space was, and they sent a track back with their additions. It was actually really fun getting the tracks back with no clue what it would sound like – discovering my own song like new each time.

The album is centred around a narrative of unrequited love. What inspired this direction?

I write to a character I have been developing for some time. In case it wasn’t clear, Thomas Krane is not a real person. My name is Dan. The album follows the story of a relationship central to Thomas’ life – it does start out as an unrequited infatuation, but develops into real love and then disaster through the album.

Multi-instrumentalism is a lost art. What prompted your love of sound?

I’m just the sum of my influences and many hours of trial and error.

You’ve had experience and success crowdfunding your art. Any tips for others looking to do the same?

Spam your friends! Literally 90% of the people who funded the album, I know by name.

The music scene in Durban is often overlooked. Why do you think this is?

Right now I think that’s partly because of a lack of venues to play – it’s hard to grow when there’s nowhere to play. I think another thing is that everyone who gets to a certain level moves away (I’m a case in point here). I have got seriously fond memories of the time I spent playing there though.

It’s evident that your music is thick with emotion. Do you feel vulnerable opening up?

I use Thomas Krane as a convenient screen for emotional content. It ain’t me emoting – it’s him – so no, it’s pretty comfortable.

What’s your favourite song of all time?

It’s hard to pick just one, but I do a cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene on the album – I think it’s one of the better songs I’ve ever written.

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Photo Credit: Alistair Christie

For those fortunate enough to be in the Mother City this month, make sure you get to the Bone Tower Album Launch:

Date: 18 September 2015
Time: 21:00
Venue: New Space Theatre, 22Seven Headquarters, 60 Hout Street.
Pledge/Purchase tickets:
Event link:
Be sure to visit to find out more.


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