Taylor Big Baby Review

What is it: The Taylor Big Baby guitar is a portable acoustic-electric guitar that packs a punch. It's just shy of a full sized guitar, which makes it lightweight, small, and easy to transport. I recommended this guitar to my friend when he was looking to upgrade from his beginner guitar. His requirements were that the instrument needed to double as a solid traveling guitar, still have the volume of a normal sized guitar, and be made with high quality products.

Who is it for: I typically only recommend acoustic-electric guitars to intermediate to advanced guitarists. As a beginner, you want to learn the sounds and tones of your guitar acoustically, before upgrading to an electric version. Plus, acoustic-electric guitars are usually a bit more expensive than a traditional acoustic guitar. As a beginner, you may not want to invest a lot of money.

If you're an intermediate to advanced guitarist, the Taylor Big Baby has an awesome acoustic-electric feature. You still get a solid sound when you play the guitar acoustically, but when you plug it's as if the guitar sings. The Taylor Big Baby has the ​new Expression System Baby pickup the under-saddle pickup and the preamp chromatic tuner built in. Taylor guitars are known for their high quality standards, which is why this guitar is such a good steal at around 7000 RAND.

Pro: The Sitka spruce top of the Big Baby gives you a sweet, smooth sounding tones. Spruce is one of the most popular tonewoods on a guitar, because it allows for great volume projection. The back and sides are layered which allows more susceptibility to changes in temperature and humidity, which is great for traveling. This creates more durability, so you can fly stress free.

Con: Right out of the box this guitar did require a bit of help with setup, and string height, but this is not uncommon with guitars in this price range. By adjusting the action of the strings of this guitar, you will easily be able to play delicate fingerstyle, or flat picking passages.

Here are the specifications of the Taylor Big Baby:

Body Width: 15"

Body Depth: 4"

Body Length: 19-1/2"

Overall Length: 40-1/4"

If you're looking for a guitar to grow with you, travel with you, and keep playing through all of life's bumps and bruises, the Taylor Big Baby is your axe. You get the high quality standard of Taylor made guitars, a great sounding guitar whether you're in your singing around a campfire, or performing at a sold-out gig, and the acoustic-electric feature will support your specific style of playing.

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